Selling a Dell XPS 630i what is a good price?

Hello, I am short on cash latelly, I want to sell my Dell XPS 630i.

Here is a list of specification:
Core2Quad Q6600


X1 500GB WD drive
X1 200GB Samsung Hard drive

Nvidia GTX 550ti *Asus*

650 Watt Modular Power supply *Thermaltake*

The system will be shipped with Windows seven.

What is a good price for this unit? I was thinking 425$
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  1. To accurately calculate depreciation take the amount you paid for it, subtract the salvage value (if there is any) and divide that by the life of the computer. Say you originally paid $1K for the PC in September and you've owned it four years and there's a salvage value of $200.

    ($1000 - $200 / 4) * (4/12) = $266

    Your system is worth $266. Now depending on the condition it's in add or subtract another $50 to get the selling price.
  2. to anyone that knows anything about computers worth about 100 to an average joe on ebay 200 2n hand computers with better specs are going for the 250 price. Sorry man I know it feels like it's worth more.

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