Best 27inch Gaming Monitor For Under 500 Dollars/ 350 Pounds

I need a 27inch gaming monitor for under 500 dollars or 350 pounds.

But I wanted an 1080p 120hz monitor.

I found a few, however they are all to small either 23 or 24inch which is too small. Anything over 24 inches would be ok. So I saw some 27inch 1080p 120hz monitors but they're out of my price range.

So if anyone knows of a 27inch or over 24inch 120hz 1080p gaming monitor for under 350 pounds or 500 dollars please show me.

Also I am in the UK and there are a few sites which have monitors in my budget but they do not ship to the uk :(

Lastly if there is not any 27inch 1080p 120hz monitors in my price range then at least anything over 24 inches.
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  1. Not sure if this would be available to you, but Benq XL2720T is going for $499.99. I purchased the XL2420T 3 weeks ago and that thing is amazing playing FPS games. I thought my old Acer 22" lcd was good, that thing doesnt hold a candle to my Benq... Benq even has downloadable color presets for a few games, i got the COD Black Ops 2 download and it is pure amazing... cant say enough great things about them
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