Put my hp hard drive into my Sony vaio and now it doesn't work???

I put my hp hard drive into my Sony vaio well my hp was being repaired and now the hard drive doesn't work anybody know what might have happened?
And after i put my hard drive back into my hp and now the screen turns on then turns black and does nothing thanks for the help
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  1. to many factors that come into play when you move from one computer to the next. Each system tells it to look for a specific partition, like HP uses about 20G of space for tools that HP needs / uses. Hardware isn't compatible with certain sfotware that may be on your HD, windows is expecting to find the computer name to be this, and it's that, same with other stuff.. it's really just not doable, not when you go from note book to note book.
  2. sound like the sony vaio did something to the hp hdd when you put that into it.
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