Monitor is working, so is graphics card but no display

My desktop suddenly powered down while I was using it and then I couldn't get it back on. After a day, the computer turned on fine but there was no display.

Since then, I've tried everything.
I tested the graphics card (Geforce GTX 560) on another PC and the display works perfectly.
I unplugged the GPU and plugged the monitor in directly and the monitor works fine, display is all good. But when I plug the GPU back in, no display.
I cleared the BIOS by removing the motherboard battery for a minute or two.
I uninstalled all the NVIDIA drivers. Still no display.
When the computer boots up, there no beeps and Windows seems to be loading just fine, I just can't see anything because no display.
Also, the fan on the GPU is running so the PCI-e slot seems to be working fine too.
The power supply I'm running 450watt, which is the minimum to run this GPU.

I'm all out of ideas and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I think this points to the power supply myself. When running them at max the loose efficiency faster than normal. So a PSU that used to power something fine over time will not. I am guessing your motherboard is not getting enough power so it cannot pass it on to the video card or something like this.

  2. Make sure the BIOS is set to use the PCI-E slot for graphics if possible.
  3. no beeps when booting? it should beep once (for most pc's) to indicate a successfull power on self test. More beeps would indicate the motherbd has detected errors buts its a good indicator that the cpu is actually working. Fans spinning only mean they are getting power and have nothing to do with indicating the system is actually running. The same applies for drives spinning up.
  4. Thanks for the answers guys, but how would I check if the PCI-e slot is working properly?

    Also, I replaced my old PSU with a new one thinking it had gone bust but now I'm not too sure. I also have 2 harddrives and 2 DVD drives so I thought there might not be enough power. So I disconnected both DVD drives but still no luck.

    And, it beeps when powering up, which it does just fine. I meant that it didn't beep multiple times to indicate an error.
  5. it might be psu error.make sure you have connected 6pin connector.
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