Windows Update does not work - Error Code 80073701 and 800736B3

Well first of all, Netflix isn't working, and the solution was apparently to get the Windows Updates, which makes sense, so I tried. Also, off topic, Netflix says that the System Configuration is not allowing it to play protected video with error code W8156-80070002. But back to Windows Update. I try to update and it gives me the errors that I listed in the title. I have been researching it, but all the threads have to do with Win7 SP1 installation, so I thought it would be best not to follow the instructions from almost 2 years ago. Please help me if you can. Oh, and I already tried the Windows Update Troubleshooter multiple times and nothing seems to fix it.
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  1. Do you have SP1?
  2. leo2kp said:
    Do you have SP1?

    I didn't think Windows 8 had a SP?
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