logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

I have installed a D link NAS, After that I was still able to access the folders from other WIN7 PCs on my Home network.

Then there was a windows update. I am not sure because of this update or not, After that, I couldn't access my NAS or any PCs on my network.
Always getting a window for “username and password”.

Regardless what you enter, always getting “Network log on failure unknown user name or bad password” message

On my other PCs, I don’t have this issue. Not only that. On my same PC, if I log in with other usernames either with admin access or regular access, I can access my network drives. I cannot access the network drives only with this particular Username.
For this particular user name, I have tried with and w/o no password, with & w/o admin access . Same issue.

I tried System restore. still for this particular User name, cannot accesses network drives.

Please advise on solutions

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  1. Stop spamming the forums with this. You already got an answer in your other post. Its against the ToS to post multiple threads about the same issue.
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