Need lost Vista replacement disk. I have product key

I have my product key for the vista that was installed on my computer by HP. I bought it new but never had the disk. Now my system has been corrupted and I need to reinstall vista 64 bit. How do I do that? I cant even get online with that computer. Can I download it to a usb drive with my other computer (that I'm on now) using the Product key from my corrupted computer then install on the corrupted computer. If so, where do I go.

Thank you for any and all help.

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  1. If you find a Vista disc, you should be able to install and authenticate with your old one. A call to Microsoft might be in order if things don't go smoothly.
  2. For Windows 7, you can access the digital river downloads. For vista you will have to locate the media yourself, install and activate via phone authorization. (Phone activation is automated)

    If you have a product key and your vista disc is lost or damaged Microsoft or the PC manufacturer can replace it for you, for a fee.

    If you know anyone with an MSDN or Technet subscription they can download the software directly from microsoft.

    Alternately you can download from many public torrent sites, which is 100% legal. But finding a clean copy of the disk that has not been cracked or infected can be difficult, and knowing if the copy you downloaded is clean and uncracked even more difficult.

    "caveat emptor"
  3. You need only to borrow a Vista DVD and install using that and the key which is printed on it. Before taking the system online, go into Control Panel>System and click on Change Product Key then input the key from your computer casing. When you go online and start updating, the Genuine Advantage updates will accept your system as validated.

    The hard part of that is finding someone who isn't using their Vista DVD as a coffee coaster but someone must still have one.
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