1gb vs 2gb GPU. what gives?

So I read some threads suggesting a 2 gb card is worth the extra buck, but I'm not getting it.

Isn't it a matter of the mobo being able to support more data throughput? Is this relevant for gaming, but maybe not so much for graphics rendering like photoshop or Vegas?

Sorry. Noob here. Thanks for the education.
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    doesnt have much to do with the motherboard throughput its how the software utilises the gear you have in your system, the higher the quality and res the more v ram your gonna need otherwise your gpu will be having to flush its buffers to fit more stuff in. i would definately get 2gb over 1 especially with the new consoles coming out the ports wont be anywhere as poor as they currently are, the new ps4 and xbox have access to plenty of vram unlike the 512mb or whatever they are stuck with at the moment. i dont have much experience with editing but im sure its much the same in theory.
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