My computer won't work at all, PLEASE HELP

I din't know what I was thinking today but when I installed the crack for a game torrent I was trying to download, I completely missed the comment on the crack torrent that said their antivirus detected a trojan and they warned others, there was only one comment so I ignored it stupidly.

Then when I went to put my crack in the game install folder my antivirus said there was a trojan and it would restart the computer so I let it. Now when it came back on I was just met with a blue screen with distorted white lines before it turned off again. I tried rebooting it and this time a blue screen with writing that said system32 was deleted!

I know I'm stupid for torrenting in the first place and if I get this fixed im never doing it again. PLEASE help me, I know I'm hard to feel sympathy for for being so stupid but please.

I tried putting in my windows 8 disc into my drive to possibly reinstall w8 but since I can't even get to my desktop i cant do anything.
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  1. Torrenting is not stupid. It is merely a protocol.
    Downloading a crack, ignoring comments telling it is a trojan, installing that crackm ignoring your AV telling you it is a trojan.....

    BIOS, change your boot order to boot from DVD first
    Put the disk in
    Reboot and reinstall Windows
  2. Ok a windows logo comes up this time. It's not doing anything else though.
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