I experience Micro-Stutters every 5-10 seconds, when playing games

Hi everyone,

I recently acquired a new PC with the following hardware:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga-990FXA-UD3
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD7950 with BOOST
CPU: 8x 4 Ghz, AM 3+ FX-8350
RAM: 2x 8 Gb Corsair XMS3
PSU: 730 W
HDD: SSD 2,5 250GB
OS: Windows 7 Prof
Monitor: 1920x1080 (23'')

All drivers are up-to-date.
Whenever I start a game, there is a period of about a minute where everything runs pristine. Then the game begins to stutter frequently every 7-10 seconds. These micro-lags last a few seconds and then cease, only to begin anew after said period.
Could anyone identify the problem I have?

I thank you for your efforts in advance.
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  1. Could be overheating. Could you monitor CPU & GPU temps while ingame for a couple of minutes after it starts to lag and report back with your results.

    Also, your PSU looks fishy. What brand is it?
  2. Both CPU and GPU temps start at around 35° C and go up to around 50 - 55° (CPU to lower fifties, GPU to mid fifties) during gameplay, staying constant during the lag.

    PSU: 730 Watt Thermaltake Smart Series SP-730P 80+

    Edit: I don't know if it is significant, but moving the cursor around doesn't seem to be affected that much by those stutters.
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    As I reckoned, the PSU didn't turn out the be the best model ever, so it's entirely possible that this is caused by ripple in the current. However, there are various other plausible causes and I can't even begin to imagine having to list them all. You should begin a throughout check by eliminating variables one by one to find the cause. It could be a glitch in the drivers, a registry error, a bug in the motherboard BIOS, improperly installed or damaged hardware...

    Try launching into safe mode and recreating the issue to see if it's a driver problem. If all else fails, uninstall your OS and try on a fresh install. This would at least eliminate the possibility of a buggy driver.

    I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but there are very few people on this forum who have the patience to help you with this and I can understand them very well.
  4. Thank you nonetheless for your time.
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