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Hello everyone,

I work with large databases and programs that take up about 8 GB of memory in my virtual machine.
However my programs don't need a lot of computing power. About 800 or so MHz is enough.
With low computing requirements, I like the idea of using ARM processors. However, I need at least 8 GB.
I was looking around at projects like CuBox, and Pandaboard; and thought this is exactly what I need, just with more RAM.

If I get one of these kind of boards, does anybody know how I can pad in more RAM?
Otherwise, is there any ARM board out there that can handle 8+ GB RAM?

Perhaps connect two or more boards together and have them all share lots of RAM?

Once again, looking for high memory, low processing power.

I know I can buy a board with high memory and high power. I don't want that.
We are looking to have efficient, preferably fanless boards for our databases..

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  1. So close, and yet so far. My company is developing and sampling now ARM 64 bit processor systems.
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