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Hi, i have wanted to upload pics of my rig and specs, but been so busy these few weeks :). So guys basically i just want to know what you think of my 3dmark 11 score , is is bad or good if bad can you give me tips on how to tweak my rig to get better score :) btw here is my score


My Specs :
Intel i7 3770K Oc @ 4.3 Temp max 60Deg.
MOBO Gigabyte Z77x-D3h
RAM : 24GB Corsair OC @ 1866 Mhz
VCARD : ASus GTX 680 Direct CU II OC 2gb OC @ 1200 Mhz mem@ 3,584 Mhz

Hdd : 120 GB SSD Kingston + 2 TB Hdd

What concerned me is that my my mem are 1600 Mhz stock, but 3dmark 11 sees it as 800Mhz Ram :( is there something that im doing wrong ?

and my Videocard is clocked @ 1200Mhz via Asus GPU tweak but 3dmark 11 sees it as 1123 Mhz ...

is this normal ?

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  1. Your memory is perfectly normal - DDR means double data rate; take 800 and double it... you get 1600.

    Couldn't tell you about your video card overclock.
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