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looking right now at the benqXL2420T, im looking for something thats smooth , great colour and ill go as high as 500 if it makes all the diff. Is 3d even good yet on these monitors?
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  1. I hear that benq is pretty good, though if viewing angles are something of a concern for you. (IE you won't be looking at it from the direct front of it, such as if you want to watch a movie with the family, etc) then I would consider an IPS panel instead of TN. You don't get 120hz or 3d though, dunno if thats a huge issue for you.
  2. I agree with JD88 on the last monitors. I have 3x of them i run in 3d with a titan. Gaming in 3d on a computer monitor makes 3d tv's look like a piece of crap cardboard popup in my opinion. I play every game I can in 3d and it even makes ones I might not normally like actually somewhat enjoy :). Going to 120hz with lightboost(nvidia option in 2d mode) on the monitors is like gaming on the older crt monitors there is no blur or lag whatsoever that I can tell. Although I would recommend actually looking at one firsthand to see if the high refresh rate bothers your eyes or not. It seems some people it does others it doesn't.
  3. from what im reading the benq has better lightboost , but is worse for the ghosting . I don't understand this because i thought lightboost is supposed to combat the blurring/ghosting. image blurring and ghosting are the same thing correct?
  4. does lightboost only apply to games when there being played in 3d vision? therefore the benq would be wise to get if i plan on doing most of my gaming in 3d considering it was has superior lightboost vs the asus , where gaming in 2d has less ghosting , supports 3d but ghosts in it more because of the lacking lightboost? If i have an Nvidia card , say 670 its probably worth to get the 3d but if i go with the 7950 than i must stick to 2d and should probably get the asus.
  5. The BenQ is a very nice monitor as well. I think you would be more than happy with that or the Asus. I have recommended both in the past. As for ghosting, that is pretty subjective to the reviewer. Hard to say because it comes down to personal preference.

    Have you tried the 3D? It definitely has it's drawbacks so I wouldn't let that issue direct your decision.
  6. lightboost is a 2d thing as well. It won't run on the asus monitors at 144hz only at 120hz and maybe 100hz (I've never tried lower than 120hz). It gives a big boost in response time I find. I think it would be most useful in FPS though. And its an nvidia only feature as far as i'm aware. So if you were to get the asus with a 7950 you would be paying for a 3d monitor where you can't use the 3d true but it would still be an excellent gaming monitor since you could still run at 144hz.

    edit: Heres a link to read on it if you'd like to run it without having a 3d emitter or if you want to know how to enable it.
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