7970 Ghz Vapor-X normal temperature

Hi, I'm just recently bought Sapphire 7970 Ghz Vapor-X. I just want to ask if my cards temperature is normal since I hit 89C after 10mnt of Furmark (800x600 burn in)... fan at 100%
My idle temp is 34-36C
Crysis 3 for about 30 mnt is 72C, 78C if 3D is enabled
All clock is at factory setting (1050,1500)

Is there anything I can do to lower the temp?
The rest of the rig is
i5 2500k
Asus P8Z68 M-Pro
Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600c9
Bitfenix Ghost Case
Corsair TX650v2
Corsair H100i
SB Recon3d PCIE
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  1. That's hot! if you run with the case open does it make a difference? do you have cpu-z ?
  2. yea that is hot.. make sure your case is well ventilated, also the temp of your room could raise the overall temp of your computer.
  3. I got the furmark result while opening my case side panel... :(
    I have CPU-Z, load temperature in Crysis 3 is from max temp at CPU-Z. Aside from the high temp, I don't have any problem with the card.
  4. Run Gpu-z right click at the top (techpower up) title & select {read ASIC quality}from the drop down box what # do you get?
  5. I pushed the blue button on the side of the card and rerun the test.. Furmark temp stable at 86 with case closed and 82 with the side panel open. What is the button for? There is nothing about it on the documentation, so I'm assuming the temp drop is caused by my room temperature..
    My H100i fan is setup as intake, maybe I should change it to exhaust?
  6. The blue button (lit) is boost mode, Try exhaust can't hurt
  7. i think those temps are fine. 70c+ is normal temps when fully loaded. 89c under furmark seems a bit high though
  8. I got Asic Quality 70.2..
    Try setting the h100i to 83c in fumark with case closed.. is that okay?
  9. Best answer
    70.2% is good, thanks, any lower and "fully functional" chips run hot (volt leakage) normally. I'm with renz496 I would like to see 70c+ max. May be an additional case fan could help. Furmark is a very stressful program. ultra gaming is not as bad a load.
  10. yup that's fine.what about your cpu temp?
  11. hahaha yeah my cpu temp is higher due to exhausting hot air through the radiator... still around 50c in crysis (stock clock).. haven't try burn test or oc yet.. I haven't been able to access my bios since upgrading my ssd.. Set the post time to 1 and disable asmedia ahci.. and now I cannot hit "DEL" fast enough.
    I already use all the available fan slot on my case (2 front, 1 bottom, 1 rear, 2 upper)'s supposed to be silent case so the airflow is not to good.
    Is lowering VDDC in Trixx have any effect on temp?
  12. Post with ssd unplugged won't bring up the asus splash screen?
  13. I unplugging the ssd will do it..but last time I OC to 4.3ghz, I only got 1 extra fps in Bioshock benchmark. So not in a hurry to do it. Thanks for the help guy, I guess my vga is a bit hot but i can live with that.
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