hybrid crossfire with a10: radeon hd 6670 2gig ddr3 or 6670 1gig ddr5?

Im getting ready to buy a gpu to crossfire with my A-10 (radeon hd 7660d)

My question is, Is there any significant gains with the hybrid crossfire if i go with the ddr5 card or is the memory size more important?

Now remember the actual core speed of both cards is the same. the only differance is the memory speed and of coarse the price...(25-30$ differance)
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  1. i forgot to add that going with a higher end card isnt really an option at this point, the A-10 can only crossfire with 6670. and a 300 $ card is out of the budget for now. so this is my only option.
  2. I would go for the ddr5, some games wont take advantage of dual graphics, DX9 in particular. In that case it will use the faster video card, if you have your monitor plug into the discrete video card it will use it, I know some motherboards ask you to plug the monitor on the onboard video when doing dual graphics, but you can always plug it to the discrete one and see if it works. If it works it will use ddr5 not 3. Plus what's the difference in price for the ddr5 vs ddr3? if its not much ddr5 is much better.
  3. thanks for the answer guys ill post my benchmarks before and after
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