Suggest me A graphics card and PSU

Hi,I'm planning to buy Graphics card

Cpu - Phenom II X6 1090t

Mobo - M5a88-m

Ram - Corsair Value ram(1333) 1 4gb

PSU - 550W (Local)

HDD -1TB Seagate

Screen max Res-1024 x 768(:( CRT MOnitr Dont wanna change)

Budget= around 12k for GPU+PSU
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  1. 12k? I think that is why no one is answering lol 12k is a lot to drop. What are you looking to do with the GPU? I assume video games and until I know what you mean by 12k I can't really suggest anything lol.
  2. What country are you from and what currency are you talking about.
  3. Best answer
    he is from india 1k = rs 1000 = $18


    1)Corsair cxv2 430w @rs 2600

    2)Asus/zotac gtx 650ti 1gb @rs 9500

    this is best in that budget and can max any game at your resolution.
  4. in future next updgrade should be monitor please.crt is bad
  5. Can i know power consumption & temp of 7770 & 650ti?
  6. hd 7770 - 80w

    gtx 650ti - 86w
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