Best low end Nvidia card with CUDA?

Basically I'm building a hackintosh, mainly using older/second-hand parts. I need a Nvidia card, since OSX supports the drivers better than AMD. (I know AMD is pretty much dominating the low-mid range market atm) So, I was looking at things like the 9800GT that I can get for cheap on Ebay or something, as well as maybe something in the GT6xx series, any ideas?

Also, I know some of these cards are old, but like I said, super budget hackintosh build, I have most of the parts already
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  1. how about a GTX460 2GB - there's one on ebay for $87
  2. dingo07 said:
    how about a GTX460 2GB - there's one on ebay for $87

    I was thinking less than that, basically I want to be able to play 1080P video, and maybe some very light gaming if I absolutely need to for some reason. I'll have an XFX 700W PSU (Very overkill for this build, I got it in a trade) so don't worry about anything like that.
  3. The ddr5 might actually make it half decent still even playing some games. Although there is this one a few bucks cheaper with ddr3 :
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