Which AMD Radeon HD 7750 to choose?

Hi I'm looking for an AMD Radeon HD 7750 gfx card. Originally looking for an nvidia, but after linus's F-Bomb on Aalto, i decided to go for an amd. So which gfx manufacturer brand is the best for HD 7750? AFOX, ASUS, club, digital alliance, gigabyte, HIS, MSI, powercolor, sapphire, or XFX?
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    Asus, Sapphire or MSI, by far.

    I'm unfamiliar with AFOX and Digital Alliance, as they must be regional brands - so read reviews.

    Powercolor, His, and XFX all do 'meh' stuff; cheaper, but nothing special.

    The only brand I recommend avoiding is Gigabyte. Their cards are generally decent (actually, their cards are admittedly as good as any of the top three, or occasionally better), but their customer service, if something does go wrong, is bloody awful, making them a gamble.

    If you want quiet, get ASUS. If you want higher overclocks, go with MSI. Depending on the model, some of Sapphires cards are designed with significantly better VRMs, making them by far the best overclockers when water cooling... but that's probably not a factor when buying a 7750. :P
  2. saphhire,gigiabyte and asus.choose any one out of these
  3. anyday a cheaper is gigabyte & best in sapphire in amd's case
  4. saphhire-

    i personally this without any issues
  5. Thanks everybody. I will decide the best... Sorry i forgot to open thread.. Too busy :)
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