A few questions about Intel SSD boost technology

I'm gonna buy an SSD, does it have to be Intel's, or can I buy something like a Samsung or OCZ to use Intel's boosting technologies?

Can it be any Intel's SSD?

Can I also use the SSD for other things, like storing files or even installing OS if I use it for the boost?

How good is the boost and when is it applied? Intel's site says that it's applied when launching applications, and that sounds to me as superfetch... I've plenty of RAM.
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    You do not have to purchase an Intel ssd. You can install other brands. Intel Boost Technology is related to Intel cpu performance rather than ssd performance:

    Typically users will install the operating system, software applications, utilities, and favorite games on a 128GB ssd. Data files and additional games are installed on a hard disk drive. If you get tired of a game installed on the ssd you can swap it out with a games stored on the hard disk drive. It is easy to do.
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