whats a good cpu for,gaming,3d rendering,media,video editing and programing?(computer build help)

hi everyone, Im planning on building a computer for gaming,3d rendering , media, video editing and programing and I was wondering what would be a good cpu for me.
I was thinking about getting a i7 3770k or a i7 3930k.

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  1. Both are good more a question about budget and if you are doing it on professional level. For the money the 3770K would have the win but if you are doing it and making money then the 3930k.
  2. well actually even an i5 2500k can be a beast for gaming and all the stuff u wanna do, but if u have the budget for an i7 3770k or 3930k, just go for u'll get brilliant performance
  3. thnx for the suggestions I might go with 3930k :)
  4. The 3930k is about as good as it gets for multicore performance...if you need the extra power in heavily threaded applications, then that is about the only real choice on the table. Especially if you like to overclock. It is pricey though, so be prepared to drop some pretty big cash on it...last I saw, I think it was hovering in the high $500s/low $600s, depending on the seller.
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