Maximum GPU fan speed of 50%?

I've been overclocking my Radeon 5750 for a while now and my peak temps under 100% load were 90-97 C. However, I noticed that while my gpu fan was on "auto" adjust, they would only go up to a maximum of 50%. I was wondering how I would set it so that it is still on auto adjust, but that it can go up to 100% when needed. I don't want to turn off the auto setting and have it run at a certain percentage all the time, but I would like to at least go past 50% on auto adjust. If there is no way I can set it so that it can auto adjust past 50%, can I at least make it so that it goes to a certain fan percentage when I open an application such as a game?
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    Try MSI afterburner and set a fan curve.

  2. That was a quick and simple solution. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Glad it worked for you.

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