Nvidia surround or eyefinity?

Which is better? Please state the pros and cons for each one, thanks.
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  1. What is your monitor setup ( how many - resolution etc ...) ?
    What is your price range for the graphic cards ?
    Are you targeting intensive 3D games and applications ?
    Which games will you play exactly ?
  2. According to PC Perspective, AMD has major Eyefinity problems when powered by Crossfire:

    "Where AMD has definite issues is with HD 7970s in CrossFire, and our Frame Rating testing is bringing that to light in a startling fashion. In half of our tested games, the pair of Radeon HD 7970s in CrossFire showed no appreciable measured or observed increase in performance compared to a single HD 7970. I cannot overstate that point more precisely: our results showed that in Battlefield 3, Crysis 3 and Sleeping Dogs, adding in another $400+ Radeon HD 7970 did nothing to improve your gaming experience, and in some cases made it worse by introducing frame time variances that lead to stutter."

    "The second major concern for AMD CrossFire users occurs when you enable triple-monitor configurations with Eyefinity. In every single game we tested, even Skyrim, DiRT3 and Far Cry 3 that didn’t show major runt issues on single monitor resolutions, just about every other frame of the game was being dropped. Just like the runt frame issue we mentioned above, the Eyefinity drop problem basically means you are running your 5760x1080 configuration at the performance level of a single HD 7970 even though you have invested twice the money AND that other performance software (in-game tests, FRAPS) are telling you differently. The results are so bad in fact from the recorded video that the FCAT Perl scripts aren’t quite able to decipher them because it thinks it is a poor capture; we can assure you that is not the case."

    "As a buyer of a high end graphics card that will cost you over $400, the assurance of being able to run a multi-GPU solution to improve performance were not just insinuated, but verbally given. At this point, it is fair to say that AMD is not living up to its promises."

    "NVIDIA’s frame metering technology, which still largely remains a mystery thanks to the company’s desire to keep its multi-GPU advantage as long as possible, is more important than we ever thought it would be and makes the GTX 680 stand out as a better solution for high end gaming than the HD 7970."
  3. It all comes down to certain games that works well with Eyefanity and others work with surround also the monitor setup has a huge factor

    For instance :

    1. You can play 3D games on 2560x1440/1600 x 3 monitors on an HD7000 series, you cannot do that on any GTX600 series.

    2. If you want to drive 2x 2560x1600 monitors off dual-link dual-DVI, that's only possible on GTX600.

    3. You can pair 3 different monitors with 3 different resolutions on the HD7000 series (1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1440). For NV, in 3D Vision Surround, each monitor must be an identical make and model, and you must use three matching digital connectors. You do not need this for Eyefinity as you can mix and match resolutions and monitors.

    4.In 3D Vision Surround, any monitor connected to the DisplayPort output must use a DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter so that all three monitors are using Dual-Link DVI. For AMD, you do not need a DL-DVI adapter for native DP port connection (especially if you have Sapphire FleX edition cards).

    Also power consumption and driver updates are factors to take in consideration, for example AMD's new Beta drivers has granted Radeon card a Massive lead over nVIDIA whether in games or stability.

    It all comes down to personal preferences .
  4. yasserBasha said:
    What is your monitor setup ( how many - resolution etc ...) ?
    What is your price range for the graphic cards ?
    Are you targeting intensive 3D games and applications ?
    Which games will you play exactly ?

    I will be using gtx 680 4gb with 3x1080p, possibly sli
  5. OK, seems that you're already have your setup : make sure that you have a sufficient quality PSU,MB that supports SLI and Dual-Link DVI adapter and you're set . :)
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