Installing windows 7 upgrade on new ssd

I upgraded xp to windows 7 with an upgrade cd, i have a new ssd can i use this cd on the ssd or will i need to purchase the full version.
thx for reading.

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  1. 2 Things, do you have retail xp with key & retail win-7 upgrade with key?
  2. retail xp well gone but i have the upgrade key...
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    You must have a qualifying Windows operating system installed, such as Windows XP/ Vista, in order to install the Windows 7 Upgrade & register.
  4. ok, thought that would be the case, ty.
  5. The Microsoft license is very specific. Many have felt your pain. I had to install & activate win-7 & then install & activate win-8 upgrade to do a "clean" install on my new rig. You get what you pay for with them, no shortcuts ,even though the upgrade IS the complete OS alone.
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