PC specs to play skyrim with huge battles???

I have a
I5 3570k
8gb ram
And will have a 7870 xt

I see all these people on youtube playing skyrim on ultra with a bunch of ENB's on weaker computers then mine. Like on gtx 560's n stuff. How can they get such good performance on those cards? Sorry if these seems stupid but me coming from consoles to this being my first gaming PC everyone's told me you can't play games without spending a ridiculas amount of $$$
My build cost ~$1000 so I hope that's enough I can't fork out anymore currently.

Will I be able to play skyrim on ultra with al the ENB's at 40+ fps? Everyone tells me I need a super computer to play skyrim with all the mods and things so I'm doubtful about my rig.

Also I see on youtube machinima making all these awsome battles with 100's of npcs on screen. Would I be able to do that if I turned settings down to medium or low?

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    You should definately be able to get 40+ at 1080p. I'm playing with a 3570k and 2x 580's in sli and I get 60fps.

    Are you not getting decent frame rates already or is that you are just not seeing the massive battles. If it's that you're not seeing the massive battles they may be an addon.
  2. Skyrim is largely CPU bound. Unless you are playing on very high resolutions or with texture pack mods you should be fine.
  3. My 7950 gets down to about 25fps if theres more than 40-50 people fighting at once. SLI or Crossfire is probably best for playing huge 100+ battles.
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