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i have a toshiba 1TB desktop external hard drive and i could use it on my windows OS laptop but i bought a new a mac book and i cannot use this external hard drive on it. It does not pop up when i connect to mac. And also i have enable the check "show external drives " in preference in mac but still nothing happens when i connect HD to my mac. The HD starts working but does not show up on mac. Whats the solution of it ? please answer me i will be very thankful to you because i have very important data in it.
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  1. Charlene253 is absolutely correct. If the drive was formatted with Windows (NTFS or exFat) then it won't be recognized by the Mac. If you are running Windows 7 or 8 you will need to format the drive using the Mac as Windows will not format a drive over 32GB (that is 32GB is the largest partition that Windows 7 will allow) using FAT32. Once you format it on the Mac (using the MS-DOS (FAT) option) you should be able to use the drive on both the Mac and PC. As Charlene253 suggested you should back up all critical files first.
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