Graphics Crad resolution issue

I have recently bought a new system {Assembled } with Asus Nvidia Geforce 210 (1GB) {Serial Number # CCCVM128475} as I wanted the batter graphics/video performance out of it, however I am facing an resolution issue with this graphics card.

With the graphics card I am getting degraded resolution and get Pixelation problem, I have check all the resolution/image settings of nvidia as well as windows plus updated the nvidia drivers too but the strange thing is that when I take the graphics card out then I don’t have that issue and infect the Video quality, the resolution and everything else seems great.

I have tried VGA and DVI cables and set the screen resolution to 1920x1080p but I still have the issue with Asus Nvidia Geforce 210 Graphics Card.

Apparently this graphics card is not working for me.
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  1. "when I take the graphics card out" means you have the monitor connected to the mobo? You need to connect it to the card instead.
  2. even If my graphics card is connected to my LED monitor Via DVI/VGA Cable it still doesn't make any difference however if I remove the graphics card from mobo, and connect my LED monitor to mobo via VGA cable then its resolution and pixel Quality is good..
    Not sure whats wrong.
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