AMD phenom II x4 955be

Ok i have this PC,
WITH this CPU, AMD phenom II x4 955be

From what i been reading this board only supports a 95w CPU and the CPU is a 125w. Is it bad for the board? It seems to run fine, but the thing is am i getting the full power of the CPU? (I did not put this CPU in.) plus i'm running a 300 watt PSU
WILL it be fine if I put a GFX card in such as a HD 7750? Because the CPU is a 125w.
What kind of CPU can i put in the board that is GOOD? OR what kind of board is good for this CPU AMD phenom II x4 955be? I would like to keep the ram if possible if not its ok. budget is no more than $100 THANKS!
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  1. Why is it only 803mhz? thats the highest i seen it.
  2. I used prim95 for about 10mins it never got passed 803mhz.
  3. I just looked in the bios and i see NOTHING about changing the speed looks like a normal bios. don't show temps or nothing it even says in the bios unknown processor.
  4. there is no cpu config.
  5. there is... just no cpu config. btw how do i update the bios i think there is a update?

    Here is a pic of what it looks like (THIS IS NOT MINE)
  6. tourist said:

    What one do i click on theres alot to pick?
  7. tourist said:
    lvgamer said:
    tourist said:

    What one do i click on theres alot to pick?

    what os do you have win7 32/64 vista ?

    I have win7 64bit
  8. tourist said:
    It says the same thing for win 7 64 it should be the newest by date in bios utilities you need to log on as admin first before you attempt to flash from a dos prompt

    If you have never done this before let me give you the bad news. If not done properly it can brick your mother board. No nothing not even 800mhz like it is now. Even when done properly if it hangs it can be disastrous. I have been there and the hours sweating over how to tell the customer i screwed it up so be for warned now.

    i went to this page and clicked the top one and tryed to open it. I cant. Is this for my board? the pic looks different.
  9. I don't think it's the right board. looks like i am running ver 5.17 bios atm.
  10. Ok does the bios update have to be from the MOBO site or HP site? ok just looked it says rev 3.02
  11. Give me some links for a mother board for a AMD phenom II x4 955be 125w and some ram for it.
  12. Nothing i never tryed it. I think i will just buy a new board for this CPU, but need a good micro ATX board for it.
  13. tourist said:
    cheap i have used these two

    I have had good luck with the 880g chipset but the 980-990 boards are the best and give you good fx upgrade path.

    Ok if i go with the second board what kind of ram would be good for the cpu?
    DDR3 1800*/1600*/1333/1066/800
    Note: 1800/1600MHz memory speed is supported depend on the AM3/AM3+ CPU you adopt. For detail CPU specification, please refer AMD official website.
    i don't get what it is talking about.
    Plus would i have to get new heatsink? the mounts look big.
  14. I would appreciate any help
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