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recovery of activation key

Is there a way to find my activation key for window 7 on my laptop before I wipe it and reinstall it. I misplaced the case for my disk
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  1. yeah. Try magic jellybean or some other similar software:

    That should show you other keys too on your system.
  2. It should also be on a sticker usually on the bottom of the laptop
  3. That's only if he has an OEM copy of Windows 7.
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    99.9% of laptops *HAVE* OEM keys so jnkweaver would be correct.

    Dell's and a few other manafacturers hide it in the battery bay - check there also.

    Windows 8 has no actual product key sticker, but the correct disk will pick up the key and auto-activate (another great Windows 8 feature).
  5. 99.9% have OEM keys but NOT OEM WINDOWS 7 KEYS. What if he installed 7 in place of Vista or XP?
    The free version of Magic Jellybean guarantees that he has the correct key for Windows 7 and the keys for any other major piece of software he/she has installed.
  6. There is also a utility called ABR that scans for your Windows key and restores it after a clean install.

    I've used it on Vista before and is convenient, there was a beta for 7, though not tried it. Perhaps use it in conjunction with the suggestions above...I find for these things you can never be paranoid enough!
  7. Computers, which are built by large manufactures that come with Windows Pre-Installed, come with two (2) Product Keys:

    OEM SLP: This key comes pre-installed in Windows, when it comes from the Factory. This key is geared to work with the OEM Bios Flag found only on that Manufacturer's computer hardware. So when Windows was installed using the OEM SLP key (at the factory) Windows looks at the motherboard and sees the proper OEM Bios Flag (for that Manufacturer and that version of Windows) and Self-Activates. That's why you did not need to Activate your computer after you brought it home.

    COA SLP: This is the Product key that you see on the sticker on the side (or bottom or sometimes in a laptop's battery compartment) of your computer. It is a valid product key, but should only be used in limited situations (such as this case when the OEM SLP key stops self-activating for whatever reason). The key must be activated by Phone.
  8. Thank you. The it was in the battery bay. Cool beans
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