Best PSU for my build pc


I want to know whats a good psu for my computer:

i5 3570k
8gb vengeance
6950 powercolor gpu
h60 corsair cpu cooler
gigabyte z77-d3h mobo

I'm not planning on doing SLI in this build. What watts psu you recommend and what brand psu.

Amazon links will be a plus :)

thanks in advance
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  1. Best answer

    Perfect fit for that setup ^ XFX 550 made by Seasonic
  2. I'll prolly be OCing to 4.2ghz. Thanks
  3. Good luck with the overclocking and thanks for joining the forum.
  4. Got a 650 xfx will be testing it when my new gfx card arrive :)
  5. Awesome glad to hear!
  6. you can also get the SeaSonic S12II 620 Bronze only a few dollars more.
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