Windows 8 repair loop! Need help! Tried everything!

Alright, so my PC was having some issues so I went and started a reset on it from the normal task manger. But when I realized I picked the wrong mode so I turned my computer off and restarted it. Then it goes into the infinite loop (Preparing Automatic Repair, Diagonosing, then it says it couldnt repair my pc) and has been in it for the past hour. I have tried going into the cmd and typing "bootrec /fixmcb" and when I click reset from the trouble shoot menu and place my disk in it says it isnt valid (even though it is and has worked in the past) Please help nothing has worked. When I try refresh from the troubleshoot menu it does the same thing...
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  1. You're not alone! This has helped others, but not all...

    If you still able to reach the CMD prompt, try sfc scannow
    If that doesn't help, try chkdsk /f /r
    Also look in your BIOS to see if you can disable Fast Boot and select Legacy BIOS as opposed to UEFI, may allow you to boot from your Windows DVD. Another option is to boot from a non Win 8 Install disk (Win 7?) and try Bootrec from there. (Seems the Win 8 disk is useless in your situation!)
  2. if the laptop is stuck in a repair loop and you can't access anything in the computer then hold the power button in until the machine totally powers off, then tap the power button to restart the machine and immediately push and hold the esc key and hopefully it will allow you access to the recovery menu, there you should be able sort out your computer!
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