New Windows 7 PC build fails to load when connected to Receiver.

Hi All, First timer here after some advice, (not sure if the thread is in the correct location, mods please move if not).

I have just finished building a new HT/ Gaming PC and want to connect it to a projector through a receiver with HDMI cables, but Windows 7 fails to load. It then enters Start-up Repair but cannot repair itself.

I tried connecting to a TV via HDMI and all works fine, so not sure what is happening. This is my first build, so I'm a bit nervous about adjusting any settings, therefore would like some help from the pro's.... :)

Is it a case of adjusting the settings in windows or possibly a mobo issue?

System details:

- Marantz SR7005 Receiver
- Panasonic PTAE7000 Projector
- PC: Windows 7 64bit Home Ultimate, i7 3770K, ASRock Z77Extreme4 mobo, G.Skill Ripjaws X 16GB Ram, Radeon 7970 GPU, 256GB OCZ Vector SSD, 3TB Seagate HDD

Thanks guy's for taking the time to read through and any help would be greatly appreciated :).


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  1. Just to get this straight. You boot your Windows normally and when you connect it to your projector via HDMI cable, what happens exactly? Does Windows restart and give the Repair Mode error? You say you can connect fine on your TV using the same HDMI cable, so the video output is working well.

    Have you tried using a standard VGA cable to see if it works on the projector?
  2. G'day drifter77,
    Thank you for the repy. Windows starts but fails to boot. It then enters repair mode and keeps running through repair loops without fixing. I will try connecting the PC directly to the PJ with VGA & HDMI cables to see if it works that way and isolate issue if its the PJ or Receiver. Problem I've got is the PJ is suspended 3m from the ceiling :). If that works maybe I could run a seperate video cable to PJ and Audio via Optical to receiver.
    Thanks again for your response.
  3. Hi Drifter,
    I tried connecting through VGA and HDMI directly to the PJ earlier, it sort of works. VGA entered the start up repair but eventually Windows loaded. HDMI only works if I connect after it has started up using the VGA cable and then swapping over while it is still running. The PC then detects the display as Panasonic PJ in the Control Panel and changes the resolution to 1080p. If I then restart the computer it enters into start up repair mode again as before.

    Something else that happens (or doesn't), normally the ASRock Mobo logo will appear when I first power up but this doesn't when its connected to the PJ by VGA & HDMI. Not sure if that is relevant?

  4. Hi Steve,
    I would say that's the right approach. Connecting when your Windows is up and running helps detecting and changing the resolution. Apparently your PJ isn't recognized while booting, thus your system takes you to the repair mode. You say you've tried both the HDMI and VGA cables, and both detected the PJ on the spot and automatically changed the resolution.

    Not really sure about the mobo logo while connected, but at least you got the display working fine. Your best bet it to connect only after booting, from there you can switch from PJ to TV through any cable and have the option to duplicate / extend your monitor from the display settings.
  5. Hi, Further update.... I tried connecting my work laptop to the PJ last night (after somebody pointed out that it has a HDMI output :)), and this booted up with no problems. The intention was to have the PC connected to the PJ only as there are no other displays in the room to let me setup a dual display.

    Please let me know if there are any other alternatives I can try?
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