Graphics card constantly crashing

My gtx680 constantly crashes in games. I get a black screen followed by a message about the Nvidia kernel driver recovering. Could any one advise my to what the problem is or what i need to provide in regards to information?
Also my card is out of warranty.

the full specs are as follows:gainward gtx680
i73930k oced to 4.4
Asus rampage 4 formula.
Corsair vengeance 1866.
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatality Professional Series.
Cooler master 1100w UCP.
Also yes it happens in all games.
Thanks for the replies.

Just ran memtest pass 0 errors. The os is windows 7 if that makes any difference, also any recommendations for testing psu?
I've now also used driver sweeper and reinstalled latest drivers with clean install, the freezing is still there.


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  1. Full system scecs would be helpful and include the make and model of the power supply.
  2. Check that you have installed successfully the last drivers and please enlist all your system specifications, also does that happen in all games or just one?
  3. yes if psu not a problem plz run a test of ur rams
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