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I have an i7 3630 qm and a gtx 660m laptop and when playing Hitman Absolution the screen stutters when turning if I'm looking at water like the ocean in the beginning scene or puddles on the ground.

I have msi afterburner on and my fps is not dropping during this stuttering, so I was curious what people would think is causing the stutter. I remember I had stutter in tomb raider but also without a change in fps and I ended up fixing that by turning off vsync, what do you guys things about hitman? Again, the fps is a solid 60 with the settings I have, does not drop when looking at water but the turning camera stutters when water is on the screen.

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  1. Well, I looked into it more and found out that like I mentioned about tomb raider, turning off vsync in game stopped the stuttering.

    New question then if anyone can shed any light on this, why is vsync causing stuttering when turning the camera in recent games like tomb raider and hitman absolution? Also its interesting to note that these are third person games, vsync didn't do this in a first person shooter like bioshock infinite.

    In nvidia control panel my vsync is set to "use the 3d application setting" and my triple buffering is set to "off."
  2. I nearly have the same issue,,,,,
    when i start the first hitman mission
    it continue with sound only (no fps)
    then the game close.
    What to do !!!!!!! I had tried all web sites !!!!
    please Help
    if i won't find a solution in 3 days,,, i'm going to sell my laptop and buy a new one just for this game :D
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