Power outage in middle of boot repiar, now after login screens show only lines

Ok its really late so im going to try to make this sort of short.. I just opened up my pc to replace a fan. the fan i put in used a molex connector and i connected it to my psu, and tested if my hodgepodge wiring scheme had enabled me to use my fan control to monitor and adjust the fan speed/temp. It didnt so i turned my pc off (in the middle of boot) then when i re booted i went to my mac and shopped for a minute to see if i could find an adapter and on my pc is a restore screen. I wasnt sure what had happened but i let it do its thing. Shortly after the power cut. Now my pc is connected to a very powerful surge protector, but what worries me is that it was in the middle of trying to fix the boot drive. I waited for the lightning and thunder to subside, then booted. it smelled like sort of burnt plastic (never smelled it before) and it seemed to be booting just fine. I went to log in then my monitors both got horizontal lines.. I am honestly a little scared to mess with it since its 3 am here and im exhausted, but idk what happened. Idk if it got f*cked up because it was shut down during the boot repair thing, or what. Im sure it wasnt the power outage, because the surge protector connecting it is superb. The way i see it is that when the power went out, it was basically like me turning the switch on the psu. In other words i doubt (and hope) any components were broken. Any advise would be wonderful, ill be back tomorrow to try to fix this, and might even get my dad, who builds/programs for a living to come over and help. Anyway thanks, your time is appreciated
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  1. booted this morning and it corrected itself somehow, the smell is still coming from my computer, but im not worried about that
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