HD 7870 LE (Which Version) Myst too loud?

Hello friends! I'm wondering if the HD 7870 LE Myst edition is really as loud as people claim. My PC sits on my desktop and I can't hear my current GPU over my PSU fan (which sounds like a light blowing sound). I was thinking bout the EZ edition, But People are saying it's glitchy, and the XT is out of my budget.

I was going to buy a GTX 670. But AMD sold me on this LE card. So much performance for the money along with 3 games haha! So, anyone with any personal experience with this card, I hope to order later tomorrow!

Side note: I have a Phenom II x4 840, I plan on fully upgrading my CPU and my MoBo once SteamRoller comes around. But, How much of a bottleneck do you think I'll get when gaming?
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  1. Nvm, bought a HIS HD 7870 ICE Q.
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    To answer your question yes it is very loud when revved up. I just picked one up. Noise aside I'm pumped with this card, can definitely notice the extra power vs a standard 7870.
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