Intel Core i7 is it worth it?

Is it that worth to give 100£ more for Intel core i7 instead the i5?
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  1. Depends on what you are using it for. Gaming? No. The i5 is fine. But if you use video or photo editing software or run VMware or CAD programs that can use the extra threads provided by Hypertheading then yes.
  2. Well the i7 3770K merely adds Hyper-Threading and a higher clock speed to the equation. Though these two improvements are fantastic in CPU intensive tasks such as video encoding and 3D modeling, in gaming scenarios it doesn’t really do a whole lot. Games these days are much more graphics intensive than CPU intensive, so it’s a much better idea to invest the extra dough into the graphics card.

    That said, those of you out there looking to do live streaming or other tasks which require any sort of video encoding, feel free to pick up an Intel Core i7 3770K instead. With its hyper-threading technology, it boasts up to a 30% boost in performance against the i5 3570K in multi-threaded applications.
  3. but then FX 8000 series would be the best as they have 8 physical core and about a 100 bucks cheaper. or is it worse than i7-3770K?
  4. Yes FX-8350 is worse than i7-3770 in most of multi-threaded applications and games. FX-8350 is a competetition for i5-3570, it's better or worse depending on the scenarios.
  5. The bottom line:

    - I will be editing videos or working in Photoshop

    - I will only be playing games

    The difference between the i7-3770K and i5-3570K in gaming is less than 1%.
  6. i will game on my pc so i think i would get the i5 :)
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