Finding a stolen Toshiba Qosmio X870-13u Laptop

Hi there.

I had a party at my place yesterday and my laptop got stolen.
Im also fairly sure who took it, but he denies it (figured he would, him being a dirtbag and all).
I tried google etc to find a way to prove this, and i ended up reading through

A short while after i purchased this laptop i changed the SSD to my 240gb one and threw the 128gb one that came with the X870 into my old computer, but according to the website i just linked *Once activated, the Agent in the firmware can survive operating system re-installations, hard drive reformats and even hard drive replacements.*
I did activate the Computrace Software before switching the SSD.

So my question is, can i track this computer to see who took it?
Computrace Software activated, but SSD switched to one that didn't have this software at all. Could mention, the Intel(R) AT is disabled in BIOS.
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  1. According to the trace software it embeds itself to the firmware/bios of the laptop therefore the only way to remove it would be to replace the motherboard, once the laptop is online then it should be traceable through IP address or other means (AGPS, GPRS, 3G, GPS) if the laptop has them availiable.
  2. Never knew anyone that WANTED computrace but you need to contact ABSOLUTE, if you have activated computrace they can investigate which pings your computrace agent every 15 minutes or so till it get a hit then reports location data usage data, everything it can. I don't know how keen the police will be to hunt it down though, thats up to you to push for. And you need special software to run the Agent that only they have, so I dont think you can do anything alone.
  3. When i first booted up the laptop (about 6months ago) i got a pop up thing asking if i wanted to activate computrace.
    I figured why not and activated it. I haven't done anything with it since, nor have i ever paid anything for it.
    As this is a program that requires a monthly subscription, does that mean mine won't help at all?
  4. I would contact Computrace and see if it's still active or whether you can pay just to have it tracked (seeing as you have registered might be worth a shot).
  5. you can pay to have it found a single time. Also, keep us posted, curious to the outcome!
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