$1500 First gaming build

Id like to buy this by the middle of August
I want to keep it contained to $1500 but i can push it up to $2000 + a bit if necessary.
Gaming is mainly what i have planned for it with video editing in the future
I need a monitor capable of Fps' and the likes so my tv wont cut it. Im thinking 23"-27", 120hz, 1080p. Do you have any suggestions?
Ill need an OS and windows 7 is still my preferred system
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg is the only place ive really looked. Slightly overwhelmed at the amount of stores with discounts, rebates etc so i just picked one.
Location: USA
Since i have barely any sense in what works with what in a pc, i have no preference to intel or nvidia. Just ones that work and work well

Overclocking: Hoping to not have to worry about this to begin with but i also want to be able to squeeze more out if needed. The thing is i have no idea how to (YET) and to be honest building my first PC is enough to learn for now.

SLI or Crossfire: Yes but only for future upgrades. I figure a better single graphics card with the option to put another in later (when the price drops) is more than likely going to extend my PC's life span than purchasing 2 straight away.
The HAF X or the NZXT phantom 410 cases are my top choices.
Id really like to not have it water cooled yet, the thought rattles my brain and my budget. I really appreciate the help
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  1. well GTX 680 is good but i think Radeon 7970 Ghz edition is better. and as for the CPU, if you want core i5 with overclocking then i5-3570K is the one you need.and you dont need 2 SSD's. 1 should be enough. you won't see any frame rate improvments over a SSD. and which cooler will you use to cool your CPU because your gonna need one if your gonna OC.
  2. come back in august. asking now is useless. recommendations change from week to week
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