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i have two user accounts say A and B ,in which A was having administrator rights and B was made as standard account.Few days back i changed account A as standard user for some reasons.So now i am having no account in my system with administrator priviliges.Now i am unable instal/uninstall any new softwares into my pc through either of account.I tried to activate default administrator account in both accounts by right clicking on cmd.exe and selecting as run as administrator ,but i am getting as access is denied message.I tried to create new user account with administrator previlages but then also i am unable to open "manage another account field itself".I am not getting what to do with this issue.Please someone help me over this...........thanks in advance
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  1. Windows 7 has a built-in Administrator account which is hidden/disabled by default. If you boot into safe mode and have no other administrator accounts on the computer it will show up. From there you can just re-assign yourself as an administrator and reboot.

    Safe Mode -
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