how many % performance will HD7950 lose ?

i am using AMD ATHLON IIx4 641..(2.8Ghz)
if i upgrade my gpu to sapphire HD7950

how many % performance will HD7950 still lose after i overclock my 641 at 3Ghz?
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    A friend of mine has the same CPU with a Sapphire HD 7950 and in most games he is able to get 60fps in most games. Yes there will be some bottleneck due to the CPU but I think for most games that are not to badly CPU limited you should do fine. I can't give you a % number but on the whole his rig does really good.
  2. you will want to get something like a i5 3570k or if your board still supports amd fx chips, you might as well get a fx8320
  3. Hmm. Maybe %50? I know with my i3 i get about %65 of my 7950s capability in furmark. Sorry i can only give a vague answer but i havent done a bunch of tests with my system
  4. if you take a look at the cpu-bench at anandtech, and compare athlon2 x4 645 to a 3570k, there are few game benches at the bottom of the list and the athlon gets like 50% of the fps the 3570k gets. I dont know the gpu used in those test but likely it has been quite powerfull one at the time they did the tests

    there are other games in the database as well but not every cpu has been tested with every game and certainly not with the latests gpus. for example Crysis Warhead has been tested using a gtx280

    so you might be able get something like 40-66% of the cards performance depending on the games and settings used. However if you plan to upgrade the rest of your system pretty 'soon' to match the cards potential, it might still be a good choice.

    (the gtx280 is listed in the same tier as the current gen gtx650 in the toms hierarchy chart,3107-7.html
    7950 offers like 2.5 times the performance of the gtx650
    so there most definitely is the potential for a massive bottleneck with your current cpu.)
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