Installed new video card and now have strange buzzing from speakers

I installed a Radeon 7770 graphics card along with the latest AMD catalyst drivers. When I plugged my headphones into the front I/O panel on the case I got a strange buzzing noise which changes pitch as i click or otherwise move my mouse.

Thinking it might be related to the new hardware, I swapped it back to my older Nvidia 610 uninstalled the ATI drivers, uninstalled all the associated software, reinstalled the nvidia drivers, and I still have the same buzzing noise.

I've tried doing a system restore to two days before I bought the new card and still have the problem. I cleared the mobo's CMOS and still have the problem.

Please help me figure this out as I now have no sound output aside from the annoying buzz nor do I have the "better" graphics card.
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  1. Did you reset the default playback device to the onboard in control panel / sound? The video driver installation will set that to hdmi by default.
  2. Yes, I disabled the two HDMI outputs and changed the default to "Speakers Realtek HD Audio."
  3. Danny Fukao said:
    Yes, I disabled the two HDMI outputs and changed the default to "Speakers Realtek HD Audio."

    And the bars next to it are moving, when you play a sound file?
  4. Yes, the bars move.
  5. Danny Fukao said:
    Yes, the bars move.

    That's a good start. At least the windows part of the sound processing works. Did you try the rear plug? If it's the typical RealTek, it should recognize the headphone to be plugged in. Maybe you simple disconnected the front I/O cable by accident?
  6. I've tried both front panel and mobo locations and both with headphones and speakers. Nothing has worked. Examining the wiring in the case shows the connections to be fine. I removed and reinstalled them again to be sure.
  7. Sorry, i'm running out of ideas. I assume you have already checked all the setting in the mixer, like muting and stereo, not 5.1 and so on.
  8. yep, not muted, stereo. Wishing I never bothered with that video card now...
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