GT 640 Slow On Minecraft Suddenly?!

So I got a Geforce GT 640 from Galaxy which is overclocked by 50Mhz (950 Mhz)

Lets get off quickly:

Athlon ii x4 640 OC 4.0Ghz
Galaxy GT 640 950Mhz
2GB Hynix DDR3 (Unknown Speed ;c)
Gigabyte 760G-S2P Motherboard

This started happening in my previous Linux. (Which is my main OS FOR NOW...)
I used to get never below 100fps, usually in 200's or 300's area... Then some day after I took the card out to clean it then put it back in, it struggles to get 30fps, or even 20 fps!

I updated my Drivers and switched RAM slots, I got about 10FPS more.
I got optifine and set it to multi-core loading, increased FPS slightly.
I switched Operating Systems multible times -

Linux Mint 14
Ubuntu 12.04
Linux Lite 1.0.4
Attempted ArchLinux... (Oh god..)

My current OS is ZorinOS which is a linux Distro which a nice feel and I selected Windows 7 theme so I can move around easier.

Why would it some day go 300FPS then drop to 20... This isn't a lag spike since I never get above 40... It's 40 max and 2 minimum...
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  1. background process might be eating R.A.M. turn 'em off from start manager and uninstall useless applications.
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