8800GT no display problem

Hello everybody

I have bought this GPU quite a long time now, but for the last couple months it started giving me weird problems.
I start the computer, everything is fine but no display, when i took it to a specialist, he said that it needed to be heated to start, and he did something to it with laser at a high degree, and he said that it has to be hot to start or something.
It worked fine for about 3 weeks then the same problem again
Does anyone now what is the problem?
Can this be related to the heat? Because it used to load at 105c, but i heard that it is common for this gpu to get that hot
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  1. It's not common for the 8800GT to get that hot (I had two of them), it sounds like the fan needs replacing at the very least but a new graphic card is probably a better bet.
  2. I am gonna try the oven trick then if it doesn't work ill just get a used 6770
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