Will these components work?

I am building my friend a gaming pc.
Will these components listed below fit each other?
I do not need a internal WiFi card because they have slow internet at home and don't need a better card.
The 7200rpm HDD 500gb is enough. Will the components fit each other and is the power supply enough for this system?

Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3V motherboard
Kingston HyperX blu - 4GB 1600MHz PC3-12800
Intel Core i3-3220
Seagate 500GB SATA-600 7200rpm 16MB
Asus DVD Burner - 24B5ST
Cooler Master Elite Power 460W
Edimax EW-7811UN 150Mbps Wireless Nano USB Adapter
CiT Mars Midi Tower Part-Mesh Gaming Case with 2x Blue LED Fans and LED Display
ASUS PCI-E N GeForce GT 640 2GB
Mains Cable Lead

motherboard: http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/20158...

ram: http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/20090...

processor- http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/80008...

HDD- http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/20089...

DVD- http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/80005...

500w - http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/20138...

WiFi- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Edimax-EW-7811UN-150Mbps-Wirele...

Case: http://www.amazon.co.uk/CiT-Tower-Part-Mesh-Gaming-Disp...

Graphics card: http://www.komplett.ie/komplett/product/zkb_01com/80007...

Power wire: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Power-Parts-Cloverleaf-Adapter-...
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  1. well,it is a good choice of budget parts, however
    Skip the crapmaster psu they are terrible, get the xfx 450w bronze
    CiT cases are rather flimsy, Cooler Master come in handy here with the Elite cases like 431
    I highly recommend a HD 7750 as a minimum.Or at least a GTX 650. The X is very important.
  2. Try not to double post szymonm2 (I assume it was simply a miss-click).

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