Looking for a good cooling fan and a PSU

Exams are coming soon and right after that im building myself a new rig

Stuff that im planning to buy:

ASRock Z77 Extreme4
Sapphire AMD 7970 Vapor-x
Cosair Vengeance 4x4gb OR 2x8gb RAM
Crucial M4 128gb SSD
Some random 1TB drive
Some random DVD drive
Antec One computer case

The one thing im worrying about is cooling and power. Since my room is kinda small the ventilation isnt exactly great. It gets hot and stuffy easily during the summer, and i was thinking if im already spending so much money on a new rig i might as well get something good to power it and keep it cool as much as possible.

I heard cooler master is the best when it comes to water cooling and im thinking about getting the cooler master h80 only since the 7970 vapor-x has dual fans already. However, will it fit with the antec one case? Or is the case itself not cool enough? Any pointers?

Though i know the basics of a high end rig im still a noob since ive never actually built one myself. So try to keep the recommendations easy to set up cuz im afraid i might screw up especially with something complicated like water cooling.

Note: Since im getting the 3570k and although i dont have any plans to try overclocking i might do so in the future.
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  2. Is 550W and those coolers enough if i want to overclock?
  3. Yes. Another 650watt option if you want more headroom
  4. the 650W seems good. Also to what extent will i require one of those hydro cpu coolers? I live in hong kong where it can be really really hot during summer
  5. They are just an option even in 40°C ambient a 120mm air cooler is sufficient unless you would be trying to set overclocking records.
  6. great! i can save money and get a better mic. thanks for helping
  7. great! i can save money and get a better mic. thanks for helping
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