need help with gaming/editing pc

hey guys,
ive recently decided to build a computer and been looking at building it soon but have become stumped on price and descision. I'm wanting to record videos off my ps3 with my recent purchace of my ELGATO, record gaming off my pc with fraps and also want to edit it. I will be using programs such as:
-Sony Vegas
-Affter Effects
-Cinema 4D
-and more

I'll be recording alot of ps3 and be playing PC games like:
-Battlefield 3
-Starcraft 2
-Borderlands 2
-and more like crysis and far cry later on

And thats the problem im unsure to go with a i7 3770k or a i5 3570k with my bugest of about $1150 i will have to downgrade on my graphics card this is the build so far.

CASE - Thermaltake V4 Black Edition Mid Tower Case USB3.0 - $75
POWER SUPPLY - Thermaltake 500w comes w/case
CPU - intel core i5 3570k - $236
FAN - intel stock
GRAPHICS - Gigabyte GTX660ti OC 2Gb - $339
SSD - Secondhand corsair force 3 - $50
HARD DRIVE - 1T seagate barracuda - $69
MOBO - Asrock extreme 4 - $144
MEMORY - 2 x 4gb sticks 1333 kingston - $52
DISK DRIVE - What ever - $20
NETWORK - What ever - $20

I would like to play ultra settings on most games i will later get better cooling and OC my cpu. So would a i5 3570k be good for rendering or pay more and get a i7 3770k and if so what do i downgrade?

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  1. Have you used this tool for prices?
    The thermaltake PSU with the case is crap and should be avoided.
  2. I would go with the I7 as photo shop and some of the other software can take advantage of HT.
  3. thanks for the reply's im just goint to stick to the thermaltake until i can afford a seperate power suply. and for the use of an i7 what should i change to be able to afford to add it too my build?
  4. Best answer
    I would not go any lower on the gpu. If money is the issue just go with an I5 and get 1600 g-skills ram.
  5. k thanks man is that graphics card good?
  6. does the speed of the ram make much difference? sorry new to this
  7. Not much but 1600MHz is default for your selected CPU and board.
  8. oh ok thanks
  9. So i think im just going to stick with the i5 and find some money to upgrade ram
  10. jaguarrHD said:
    So i think im just going to stick with the i5 and find some money to upgrade ram
  11. I was just thinking the 1600 would be better as the 1333 is older and if you are going to oc later the 1600 would be better. I am running mine at 1627 with 4.2 oc.
  12. thanks guys that helped
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