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So about 2-3 months ago, I installed Arma 3 Alpha after installing Windows 8 and the game was running great, no problems just like all my other games. But then I started randomly getting "Low Memory" pop-ups asking me to close the game, so I did, and re-opened the game thinking it was just an error due to the game being in Alpha. It continued to happen, so I decided to open up my task manager and keep it open on my second screen to monitor the memory usage.

I have 8GB of G. Skill Ripjaw X series RAM, and the task manager was showing only about 50% of my memory being used at its peak when the game was running. I looked up on the games forums for similar issues, and I didn't see anyone posting with a similar issue. So I chalked it up again to it just being a bug that happens once in a while. Mostly it happened during longer game sessions.

But now ever since then, it's been happening in numerous games, every other week this becomes an annoying issue. Games that I've never had this trouble before and should not be very taxing on any aspect of my rig. Every time I run the task manager or even GPU monitors to monitor the V.RAM they never really get close to being at full use.

It just happened to me again while playing LoL and I was only using 36% RAM according to task manager. Which has made me believe this is an issue with Windows 8.

I'm running on a GTX 680 (2GB), the 8GB of RAM, and a 3570k and Windows is running off an Crucial M4 SSD if this helps.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to make sure anyone who sees this has all the details they might need, and if not, I can provide more when asked.
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  1. Hey there!

    You might be having a problem with either file paging, or AMD graphics drivers possibly. Check out this thread here for someone who was having the same issue:

    Hope this helps!
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