PCI-E SSD cannot install windows 7 .. why?

OCZ Intern SSD 100GB SSD + 1TB HDD RevoDrive Hybride Series PCI-E 4x (RVDHY-FH-1T)

is the Mobo SSD i bought "this is an SSD that is directly put into a PCI-E.

First i got an error saying this when targeting a disk for installation
windows cannot be installed to this disk. setup does not support coniguration of or installation to disks connected through a usb or ieee 1394 port

then we went into windows on another harddrive to go into the disk management and formate them to NTFS but still no luck

We then later did the same thing but also made an partision from the 1TB HDD on 100gig to try it there but still no luck...

Then we went in there and set them all as active but still no luck...

Some times they dont even show up in the installation list on windows 7 setup.

Halp plx
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    Did you load the driver for the disk?
  2. if you want to install windows on it

    you need to load the driver during setup for it to be recognised
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