Buying new HIGH-END gaming laptop! Need advice on GPU!

So I am going to spend a lot of cash on this so I want to make sure I buy the right one. I am currently looking at this one:

My question is regarding the GTX 680M SLI and game compatibility. I read this one post from this guy and he said that it wasn't very compatible with a lot of games and that I would have overheating issues.

One more thing, does the computer have 3D support? It doesn't say much. :S
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  1. You WILL have overheating issues with any computer with a 675M or above, about - that's just a fact of laptops.

    SLI compatibility should be a fair bit better now that drivers have had time to mature, but it may still cause issues in some cases.

    As for 3d support, do you mean running it on a 3d monitor, or running in 3d itself? I'm not sure I've ever seen a 120Hz laptop panel, so I'd be very surprised if it could do it on its lonesome. You could probably get it running with a 3d monitor, but it's going to struggle with medium high settings at 1080p, so there's no hope for 3d with good settings and a smooth framerate.

    Why does it have to be a laptop? If it's an issue of portability, I suggest going with a small form factor desktop. If it's an issue of needing something for school, get a cheap netbook, put an SSD in it, and build a computer.

    What I'm trying to get at is that you can spend half the price and get double the performance or better, if you build a desktop as opposed to going with a laptop.
  2. first of all, just get yourself a desktop. when you have SLI on a laptop, you are bound to have less than 30mins of battery life, a power brick the size of a very large brick, and very high operating temperatures but not nearly the same performance as a desktop

    and second, SLI is generally compatable with most games. older games not so much but all the newer ones will.
  3. I am in the army, cant have a desktop :/
  4. Well that's sucky, I'm sorry.
    Unfortunately, a gaming laptop is going to be very heavy, run very hot, and drain the battery in minutes.

    If you need it for more than just gaming, consider a lower-end computer that still has, say, a single 670M.
  5. I agree. A gaming laptop is better off with a single GPU. Two GPUs = twice as much heat which is not good in a laptop.
  6. Get the ASUS G750JH, or the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2. They come with a single GeForce 780M, should be more than enough to do any of the gaming you're looking to do.
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