DVI output problem (Radeon HD 6450)

Hi all,

Sorry if this was already asked about any other card, couldn't find any.

I bought a new AMD computer with the Radeon HD 6450.
When I got home, I noticed there is a flickering line on the screen when I use DVI (VGA had no such problem).

When I complain to the store, I was told that the VGA is "the primary output" for the card, and I can only use the DVI for a secondary screen.

Is there such a thing?
Did anyone experienced such a thing?

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  1. ^ feeding you garbage. Both should work - the DVI will even work better with a monitor having a DVI input.
    EDIT: are you setting the resolution to the monitor native resolution?
  2. Thank you for your answer.

    I figured he is...

    I am using the monitor native resolution.
    I installed the drivers supplied, no change.
  3. Try updating the drivers to the Current drivers from AMD. www.amd.com I doubt that it will change anything but you never know.

    Have you tried using a different DVI cable? Try hooking the monitor up to another computer using the DVI cable to eliminate the monitor and cable as the cause.
  4. Thanks, JKatwyopc.

    I just downloaded the driver, and apparently mine is up to date.

    I used this monitor with my old computer with the same DVI cable, and it was working perfectly.
    The only other monitor I have has VGA only, but when I tried it, it had no such problem.
  5. Sounds to me like you need to take it back to the shop and get them to give you another card.
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